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Happy New Year! 2015 gets off to a running start with Mars in Aquarius opposing Jupiter, retrograde in Leo, January 1. Mars in Aquarius seeks new and different ways to be or get stuff accomplished. While we are experiencing Mars opposite Jupiter during the first four days of the year, our confidence and bravado compels us to seize opportunities and even make opportunities for ourselves. The caveat, though, is that we must not overestimate our talents, experience, or capabilities.

Venus, having moved into Aquarius, January 3 passes opposite Jupiter January 19 showing us where and how our expectations are not realistic. Challenges that happen in any relationship are because we are expecting more in return than we are giving. Do not over pay for anything now, as the price will soon drop. Have fun and avoid the routine but be ready to go back to that routine once the music stops and the bars close.

Those of us born during the second week of February, May, August, or November are most susceptible to overdoing and taking on more than we can actually handle with Mars and Venus opposing Jupiter.

Uranus square Pluto rages on creating the need for us to let go of that which no longer serves us in lieu of new ways of living life. If you are hateful you must change. If you are controlling you must change. If you are running a country and your citizens are not happy you must change. If you want to cut people’s heads off to make a point you must change. If you are unhappy you must change. There is no way around this and we should all be getting this by now, especially if you have planets that are between nine and sixteen degrees of any sign. If you don’t know your chart but you are experiencing high highs and low lows then you are most likely getting a nod from Uranus square Pluto.

The Sun crosses Pluto January 3 and squares Uranus while the full Moon at fourteen degrees Cancer at 10:53 pm CST January 4 creates a cardinal T-square with Uranus and Pluto. This configuration in the zodiac looks just like an engineer’s t-square. These few days are going to be intense especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The full Moon in Cancer on its own creates lots of drama and emotions. We are sure to experience events that cause us to seek a balance with our home, family, and public lives. Stuff happens and when it does many of us will seek solace and security in the face of manipulation and mean spirited people. Once again, consider better ways to exist and let go of your old ways and means of living life. This theme has been going on since 2012 so it is time to roll with the zodiac.

Other days that the Uranus Pluto square is triggered are January 12,19, and 25. Events can upset us showing us the need to clear out the past and evolve into new people.

Mars having moved into Pisces January 12 comes to square Saturn in Sagittarius January 15 but we feel the effects January 11-20. Mars crosses Neptune January 20. Neptune is being squared most of this year by Saturn. Saturn and Neptune are compelling us through much of 2015 to speak our truth, which can be confusing if we don’t know our truth or are afraid of the consequences of displaying our authenticity. While Mars is moving through the Saturn Neptune square we experience a lot of confusion. Many of us will want to act but do not have the structure or available tools to get what we want to accomplish. Mars in Pisces can even sidetrack us into doing for others when that is not our intent whatsoever. When circumstances delay your progress now, take a step back and restructure your approach.

Speaking of “re”,
Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius January 21 through February 11. As I have written time and again, Mercury retrograde periods are a time of redoing, redesigning, rebooting and anything else that needs to be redone. Hopefully, the wonderful programmers of the world will not “re lease” new versions of operating or program systems. They always seem to do that with Mercury retrograde causing all sorts of challenges and then they have to “re lease” fixes. Don’t start new stuff while Mercury is retrograde, it will not work out and you will ultimately end up back at square one.

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius affects our friendships and group connections. Many of us will have to work out the dynamics of who should help whom. Some of us will find that the people we thought we could depend on are in our lives so that we can help them and they are not capable of reciprocation. It does not mean someone is bad for you because they can’t help you. It just means that is the way that relationship rolls. Talk it out and maybe a balance can be struck. In some situations friends will disappear for a while. If that happens don’t worry, they will be back.

Venus moves through Aquarius January 3 – 27. While Venus is in Aquarius many of us need to express ourselves in ways that are unique to us. Where personal relationships are concerned it is smart to act as a friend as well as a lover. There will surely be lots of proposals in public and others professing love singing songs outside their love’s window.

Venus comes to sextile (sixty degrees) Saturn January 4. This is a good time to take action that affirms a new or old relationship. Do something wise that lets your business or love partner know you are fun but dependable.

Mercury moves into Aquarius January 6 and due to the retrograde, does not leave this sign until March 12/13. Mercury in Aquarius has us think out of the box. Our inventiveness is enhanced unless you are Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio. Those signs just may have ideas that seem whacky to the rest of us. However, don’t count them out as that which is unique often prevails. Just like Venus on the 4th, Mercury is sextile Saturn on the 5th. This is a good time to organize new and old ideas. Don’t worry if others don’t buy what you are selling. You just may have an idea worth a patent.

moves through Pisces January 12 – February 19. Mars says, “I am what I am”. However, Mars in Pisces is not so sure and confusion can prevail. With Mercury going retrograde this month it won’t hurt to slow down and sit by the ocean for a bit. Just be sure you don’t put yourself in a subservient situation and ending with you serving drinks on the beach.
Venus and Mercury are sextile Uranus January 13 and 14 respectively. Get together with friends and associates in order to network and exchange ideas. Consider ways to use your technical expertise and don’t be surprised if good news or opportunities come from out of the blue. Once Mercury goes retrograde he again sextiles Uranus January 28. This time around just listen and don’t take action.

The Sun moves into Aquarius at 3:44 am CST January 20. This is a peak time for Aquarius and life should proceed easily for Gemini and Libra if it were not for Mercury turning retrograde January 21. While the Sun moves through Aquarius we will need to be independent and strike out on our own discovering the knowledge and the will to take us where we need to be.

Just hours after the Sun enters Aquarius, the new Moon occurs at zero degrees Aquarius at 7:14 am CST. This new Moon is especially terrific for inserting yourself into group dynamics. Consider new ways to enhance your income and turn that anxious energy into productive activity.

The Sun sextiles Saturn January 23. Accept the responsibilities at hand and do your best now to act mature. While this is not a fun transit it can lay the foundation for future success. Do your job and learn well and you will receive honors and compensation.

Venus moves through Pisces January 27 – February 20. Love is in the air while Venus moves through Pisces. There is no black or white just love in living color. Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are smiling but others of us must make sure we are not being taken advantage of by those who fool us. Venus square Saturn January 30 brings people and situations that stub our toes on love. If someone responds with aloof behavior, let him or her be, they will come around in a few days.

On the same day Mars in Pisces is sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Plus, the Sun is conjunct Mercury. There is so much to do and we can do it successfully. So, say to hell with those who want to play love games and make your own game.


Start a job January 2,4

Sign contracts January 2,7, 11,12,17

Job interview January 2

Consummate Relationships, You know what I mean. Keep your pants on until February 22 at 6:28 pm CST

Schedule Medical Tests January 4,11,12, 18,24,25,31

File Legal Matters January 2