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October 2014
Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo goes retrograde October 4 – 25. Mercury’s retrograde begins in Scorpio but backs into Libra October 10. Mercury is not really moving backwards but this is the illusion that we experience when Mercury gets to a certain distance from us here on Earth. When goofy stuff happens people often ask me, “Is Mercury retrograde?” Most often he is not when they ask that but this common occurrence is synonymous with delays in travel and snafus that occur in our daily routine. The little things that perplex us usually seem more exaggerated while Mercury is retrograde. The norm for Mercury retrograde periods is that you want to finish stuff while Mercury is retrograde and start new projects once Mercury goes direct.

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio many of us will be preoccupied with power and control issues, or even sex. Ignore those jealous thoughts and communicate openly with those you love so that they know how you truly feel. Get up from the computer and stop looking at those pictures. You know what I am talking about.

Mercury backs into Libra October 10 many of us will be rethinking the commitments we made previously. Not just to our loved ones but to the neighborhood or church committee. While Mercury is retrograde until October 25 you do not want to commit to anything new as you will regret saying “yes” once Mercury goes direct.

October 15 and 16 Mercury and the Sun in Libra, are sextile (sixty degrees) Mars in Sagittarius. We will have some difficulty pulling the usual rabbit out of a hat. Take your time to get it done. With Mercury conjunct Venus on the 17th there are sure to be love misconnections and costume mishaps especially for Libra, Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. Some of us may have to do things we do not want to do at that time. October 20 when Mercury is sextile Jupiter and Venus is sextile Mars travel is sure to be more difficult than we expect while getting what we want can be delayed. Differences of opinion are sure to surprise us.

Let us not forget
Uranus square Pluto. The aspect between these two consciousness-shifting planets has been remolding our lives and our societies since 2012 and remain effect into 2015. Every time one of the planets or the Sun or the Moon form an angle to Uranus or Pluto, we get an extra dose of events that propel us into this new paradigm.

Sun squares Pluto October 4 and then opposes Uranus on the October 7. Venus squares Pluto on the October 8 and opposes Uranus on the October 11. These aspects alone will compel us to seek security. However, the fuel that will most likely cause us to remember this October 2014 is the full Moon/lunar eclipse October 8 at 5:51 am CDT in Aries at fifteen degrees. This full Moon is conjunct Uranus (did I hear screams of horror?) and it is also close enough to trigger Venus and Pluto conjunct creating a cardinal t-square in the zodiac. This t-square in cardinal signs and activated by the eclipse conjunct Uranus creates a conflict that compels us to do something. We will see rash actions and decisions. Markets may rock, activists will do stupid or barbaric stuff to make a point, and it will be evident that change in our systems and individual lives must take precedence. Prepare for closures and new doors to open with a gust of wind. Use caution to avoid fires and explosions both literally and figuratively. Make decisions that move your life forward on a positive path. Do not be afraid. Other hot and challenging days involving Uranus square Pluto are October 2,14, 22, 29.

Just before the full Moon,
Mars in Sagittarius is trine (120 degrees) Uranus on the October 5 and trine Jupiter in Leo on the same day as the full Moon. This denotes that important decisions and decisive action will be taking place during the week of October 5 and really even a day or two prior to that date. Military action may take place especially in the Middle East. The upshot is that we will all look to how we can be more secure in our lives. Some of us will go about it like lunatics while others will use the power of peace to make our lives better.

Sun in Libra is sextile Jupiter in Leo on the 10th during the entire hullabaloo. Many of us will act on our principles. Hopefully, those principles will be ones of good sense and compassion, but remember this could be a dramatic time and even the statesmen can get it wrong.

Once we get past the first full week of October,
Venus is sextile Jupiter on October 14. While this is a calming and social time, handle financial matters as that can work out well. Only problem is that the Moon is tripping over Uranus squaring Pluto and there can be some drama.

Of course a full Moon is followed by a new Moon and the
new Moon is a solar eclipse in Scorpio at zero degrees at 4:57 pm CDT October 23. New Moons are new beginnings but a new Moon eclipse is an extra special new start. The Sun moves into Scorpio early in the day and Venus moves into Scorpio late in the afternoon so we are shifting our focus from Libra and seeking balance to a shift into seeking deeper relationships and self-awareness and empowerment. This new Moon, as well as Venus moving through Scorpio until November 16, and the Sun moving through Scorpio until November 22, is a time for starting new financial plans. Also, this new Moon is terrific for those of us who have planets that are at zero degrees of any sign. Make new Moon wishes. They are sure to come true in months to come.

Sun is conjunct Venus in Scorpio October 25. We will be focused on Venus stuff such as love, money and the goodies at the store that we just cannot live without. This is an easy day for Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius can find themselves in a tough spot or a bad fashion statement.

Mars moves through Capricorn October 26 – December 4. While Mars moves through Capricorn many of us, but especially Capricorn, will be consistent and thorough with our plans. Those of us who are angered during this time will give that person the cold shoulder. Mars in Capricorn is easy for Virgo and Taurus to accomplish what they want but Aries, Cancer, Libra must be careful of people who want to subvert your efforts.

October 27- 28 Venus and the Sun now in Scorpio will be trine Neptune in Pisces. After all the stress of this month we will be tuned into compassion and love. Those who listen to their inner voice will see others’ better qualities and know how to get along in this big world with those who are different. Try to hang onto these good feelings going forward.

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