Next Mercury retrograde 5/18 - 6/11
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Recently Robert assured me that our house would sell in the next thirty days. Tonight the buyers popped in with the FOR SALE sign in their hand and said, "We just wanted to give this to you because the house is no longer for sale. We just bought it!!!!"

May 2015

Readers, clients, and even my sister often want to know when Mercury is going to be retrograde. This month Mercury slows down to turn retrograde May 18 to June 11 in his home sign Gemini. Mercury also rules Virgo meaning that these two signs are always affected by Mercury's retrograde antics.

The way you can best make it through Mercury retrograde is do stuff that starts with "re". Reorganize, revisit, redo, redraw, revamp. Unfortunately computer programmers seem to release updates and then have to re-release them again while Mercury is retrograde. Remember, make it over don't start it new. Hold off buying new gadgets, computers, cars, moving, or anything else you may rethink once Mercury goes direct June 11. I once bought the favorite vehicle of my life, a Jeep Liberty while Mercury was retrograde. My regret happened once I spontaneously acted and traded it for a much more boring suv.

Slow down May 27 when Mercury retrograde is conjunct Mars. This is not the time to make snap decisions or judgments because, after all, Mercury will be retrograde and we are sure to regret those decisions. The same rule applies May 29 when Mercury is square Neptune.

In the days until Mercury goes retrograde, air sign Gemini is busy handling emails, questions and all kinds of activities that are in sync with what Gemini wants to accomplish. Fellow air signs Libra and Aquarius are on point and can get a point across easily.

Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius have to deal with frustrations that are especially confusing May 9 when Mercury is square (ninety degrees) Neptune in Pisces.

The full Moon is May 3 at thirteen degrees Scorpio at 10:42 pm CDT. Many of us may feel uncomfortable or emotional at this full Moon as Scorpio is a passionate water sign. Those of us born around the fourth or fifth of any month or who have planets at thirteen degrees will have events that bring us to conclusions and decisions that are final.

On the same day, Mercury in Gemini is opposite Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius. Bad news or other disconcerting information is sure to come to some of us. Sometimes what we perceive as bad new is a truth we have ignored or denied previously. If the full Moon and Mercury opposite Saturn have you stirred up, perhaps it is just the sand in your ears from having your head in said sand. A full Moon is a time when past efforts come to a conclusion. Sometimes a finale leaves us hanging or feeling alive and complete while at other times it can make us feel spent.

The Sun in Taurus is square Jupiter in Leo, May 4. The fish in any story is going to be really big and that contractor selling his service tells you they are working on the house down the street in fact is not. Everything is sure to be out of proportion so ride along with the fun and watch how the schemers squirm when you play their game back at them. Just stay away from too much of anything including chocolate, booze, and shopping.

Two days later on May 6, the Sun still in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn. Many of us feel more powerful, maybe because we have knowledge that others do not possess. This is a good day for making financial decisionS especially If you are Aries or Aquarius. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn seem to be operating in the groove.

Venus moves through Cancer May 7 - June 5. This is a time to cuddle up on the couch with someone that we love and who makes us feel safe. Cancer is sure to look lovely or handsome during this time. It is a great time to ask a Cancer for help. Scorpio and Pisces will be pretty cute too.

Enjoy May 16 when Venus is trine Neptune. The world will be a beautiful place to be and life will be just like a bowl of cherries as the old song proclaims.

Emotions deepen and attractions are intense as Venus opposes Pluto May 21. If there has been an issue that needs to be resolved it is sure to come up for air.
At the same time we are beginning to feel Venus is square Uranus (exact May 25). Those cherries are getting soft and sour and your honey will want to wear something that will embarrass you at the boss' reception. Take a step back and step out of your usual reaction. Venus is crossing the remnants of the Uranus/Pluto square so it is time to be a different you in love and harmony.

Mars moves through Gemini May 11/12 - June 24. This is sure to rev up Gemini but Mars is an initiator and Gemini sometimes gets scattered. Mind your mouth and your manners and try to stay focussed and decisive. Don't let your efforts get scattered even though Mercury is about to turn retrograde.

Right after Mars moves into Gemini he opposes Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius May 15. There is a bump in the road but in a day or so you will be able to get around it. Don't be so focussed on the bump. Keep your eye on the ultimate destination.
Then May 25 Mars is square Neptune. Remember that Mars in Gemini can be scattered while Neptune can be confused. Put the important stuff off for a few days and do not jump off that cliff into the pond if you have not been in that pond before now.

The new Moon occurs at twenty-six degrees Taurus at 11:13 pm May 19. A well known astrologer once told me a great time for a Taurus is sitting in front of a fire, wearing a mink coat with nothing on underneath, eating fine chocolate and sipping good champagne. This new Moon is the time to initiate activities that can move ourselves into the feeling of wealth and the finer things that life has to offer. Maybe visualize faux fur though, you might get splattered with paint, plus, Mercury retrograde really wants us to work with what we now have in process.

The Sun moves through Gemini May 21 - June 21. This is Gemini's high time of year and Sagittarius' low time. Libra and Aquarius can ride some good waves while the rest of us should stay in the shallow water wearing a life jacket. Seek knowledge, seek good conversations but don't gossip, act fraudulently, while the Sun moves through Gemini.

Right after the Sun moves into Gemini it opposes Saturn May 22. This is a downer and you don't want to get tied up in challenges that may just be you feeling inadequate. Hang onto the side of the drain, this will pass and you can crawl up to the side of the sink.

The Sun and Mercury conjoin May 30. Somebody has a big opinion and wants the rest of us to know about it. Since Mercury is retrograde, I plan to nod, smile, and blow off those blowhards. Plus, Mercury is about to square Neptune, tomorrow May 31. Is that baloney I smell?

It is hard to believe, but the Uranus/Pluto square is winding down this month. They are in the orb of influence until May 12. This square worked our nerves since 2010 and in many cases threw many of us down and stomped on us. We are better for going through this transformative time, though some of us cannot see that just yet. However, the weakened angle between Uranus and Pluto are set to take one last stab at us May 1, 8, 15, 21 just to remind us we are still evolving.

Almanac -Check the Moon void charts on the Moon Void Page to make sure that the Moon is not void at the time of your event

Start a job No days in May

Sign Contracts May 14,17

Job interview May No days

Consummate Relationships Nope, keep your pants on until June 19 after 1:23 am CDT

Schedule Medical Tests May 1,8,14,21,28

File Legal Matters May 1