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Recently Robert assured me that our house would sell in the next thirty days. Tonight the buyers popped in with the FOR SALE sign in their hand and said, "We just wanted to give this to you because the house is no longer for sale. We just bought it!!!!"

Karen - Houston, Texas

July 2015

July starts out busy as Venus in Leo conjoins Jupiter ever so briefly in the wee hours of July 1. This is a fun, romantic, and prosperous aspect that will mostly be enjoyed by Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Cancer may want to buy a lottery ticket while the other signs can sit back and receive accolades. Since this happens so early in the day readers in the United Kingdom and Europe have a chance to make more of this aspect than those of us over here in the United States.

Later in the day the
Sun in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are wise to listen to their intuition. It is real and on this day our sixth sense takes us to the best place to be or warns us to use caution. Similar feelings and events occur July 8 when Mars is trine Neptune and again July 13 when Mercury in Cancer is trine Neptune.

Late in that same day,
July 1, the Moon is full in Capricorn at nine degrees at 9:20 pm CDT. This full Moon is also sextile Neptune in Pisces. This full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle that began June 16 with the new Moon in Gemini. This has been a busy cycle and while this full Moon calls for us to balance our work with family matters, it also asks that we pay attention to that altruistic aspects of our lives. Some of us will receive recognition for our good works while others will have to take time to help others including a family member. This full Moon mostly affects all of us born at the very end and very beginning of any month. It will separate the winners from the losers as our efforts come to fruition or failure. Don't let those Mommy, Daddy, or boss issues bring you down.

Speaking of
Venus, this planet of love and beauty continues to move through Leo until July 18. Venus in Leo has some of us displaying such love and affection that the recipients feel so blessed. If you want something from a Leo, especially a really egotistical Leo, tell them how fabulous they are and you will get what you want from said Leo. Over the top behavior is not recommended as you will just come off like a bragging presidential candidate. The scent of baloney is sure to be in the air until July 14 when Venus comes to square (ninety degrees) sober Saturn in Scorpio. In the days just before and after July 14 many of us will be called to the carpet to stand responsible for our actions, words, and attitudes. Diligence is the way around this fleeting energy but the effect can topple the most flashy of us.

Venus moves into Virgo July 18 and then turns retrograde July 25 until September 6. Virgo, especially those born during the first few days of this sign are so cute at least until the 24th. Venus in Virgo is not showy but really practical. Virgo friends and loved ones will show their love with gifts, affection, and deeds that are helpful.

In the days until
Venus backs into Leo July 31, we must treat our friends and loved ones with care and respect. Those relationships may be touchy. At the same time work matters can get messy and the routine is no fun. Many of us will wonder if Mercury is retrograde. Health matters and diets can go awry in the last few days of July.

Speaking of
Mercury, I heard from so many readers and clients that the last Mercury retrograde was a difficult period May 18 - June 11. Well he was retrograde in one of his two home signs Gemini. It was one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't periods. Now that we are out of the shadow of Mercury retrograde, life and those little details should be easier. Mercury is sextile Uranus in Aries July 2, and sextile Jupiter July 3, and sextile Venus July 5. These three days are a great time to travel, attend meetings and connect with new and old acquaintances especially if you are born into Gemini, Leo, or Aries.

Mercury, having moved through Gemini since April 30/May 1, moves into Cancer July 8 through July 23. Our thoughts and communication move from the big picture and generalities to a deeper more feeling space. Mercury and Mars connect in Cancer July 16 causing us to make quick decisions, some of which we may regret. Scorpio and Pisces can handle the fast pace at that time but Aries, Libra, and Capricorn must slow down and use common sense. All of us should try to avoid arguments and accidents at mid month.

This is especially true July 15 when the Moon, Mars and Mercury in Cancer are all opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Remember all that stress and rebirth you experienced since 2010? Expect some of those feelings and similar events to come back around mid month. Power struggles and a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness will visit many of us. Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn are forewarned. These signs and anyone else with planets in the middle degrees of those same signs are most affected. If you have something to hide it is sure to come back to haunt you. We will start to notice the turmoil July 6 when the Sun in Cancer is opposite Pluto and then on the 12th when the Sun is square Uranus. Mercury and Mars square Uranus July 18 and 25 respectively bringing our impatience with the status quo to a head. Hold back on telling others what you really think and don't do anything you may regret later. Selfies should be taken with caution and definitely not shared.

The new Moon also occurs July 15 making mid month a busy time with a new beginning for intense change and growth. This month's new Moon is at twenty-three degrees Cancer at 8:24 pm CDT. Since Cancer is a cardinal sign we can expect lots of action to be taking place in our lives. The pot is sure to get stirred so listen to your inner voice and connect with the people that are your support group. That includes family, honeys, and those you truly trust. Over the course of this lunar cycle that ends with the new Moon August 14 we will be concerned with our physical home as well as those who are in our immediate family. This lunar cycle is sure to be a busy time.

July is one of those months when we have
two full Moons. No, it is not the apocalypse it is just how the cycle falls. The second full Moon is July 31 at 5:43 am CDT at seven degrees Aquarius. The new Moon sets our focus to long range plans and family matters. The Sun in Leo is sending the kids back to school. This full Moon shows us we have time to pursue our personal goals and group endeavors. Friends will need our help and children will want to bring their friends home. This full Moon is evidence that we are not alone and have to get out into the world. This full Moon is easy for Libra and Gemini but is sure to bring completions, drama, and doors slamming to Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

Just before the
Sun moves into Leo July 22 he and Mercury are trine Saturn July 21 and 22 respectively. Smart decisions are easy to make and connections with people who are your authorities go very well. This is a good time to receive counsel from someone you respect.

While the
Sun moves through Leo July 22/23 to August 23 we will want to play and have fun. Leo is an independent sign and this is the time of year when children are going off to school affording them their time and parents time away from entertaining and supervising. Leo is starting anew while Aries and Sagittarius are able to ride the tide with ease. Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus are stressed to make adjustments over the next few weeks.

Uranus in Aries turns retrograde July 26 to December 25. Uranus retrograde turns our need for innovation within. However, Uranus retrograde is like shaking up a soft drink. At some point the soft drink explodes and sprays all over. As we turn the need for change within, we are sure to explode with ideas and sudden actions that cause change. Many of us will act out our urges to make change. Let's hope the lunatics take a break but I am afraid we must be extra vigilant to avoid acts that are violent and unspeakable in the months to come.

Almanac -Check the Moon void charts on the Moon Void Page to make sure that the Moon is not void at the time of your event

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